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Our Technology

EptivA Therapeutics has developed the first precision medicine approach to pain to create more effective treatments and increase clinical success.

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Current R&D still relies on non-translatable preclinical models with a focus on a single node of data, the target receptor

Our innovative new approach

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We have created a Personalized Analgesics® bioinformatic approach which creates 1000’s nodes of data via novel human-focused network biology linked to our proprietary Pain Landscape®

EptivA Therapeutics Ltd has a patent pending for research and methods relating to Personalized Analgesics® research 

A case study: EPT-101

EPT-101 represents a novel, non-opioid analgesic for specific pain conditions identified via our technology

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Using the Personalized Analgesics® research platform we have identified a previously unknown local application for EPT-101 in pain, particularly forms of neuropathic pain.


Our research shows that EPT-101 modulates mechanisms which reduce the keratin  sensitization, immuno-inflammation and neuronal hyperexcitibility which drives pain in specific neuropathy conditions.

Our data has being used to create new IP to protect EPT-101 for its use in pain.

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