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Our Technology

EptivA Therapeutics has developed the first precision medicine approach to pain to create more effective treatments and increase clinical success.

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Current R&D still relies on non-translatable preclinical models with a focus on a single node of data, the target receptor

Our innovative new approach

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We have created a Personalized Analgesics® bioinformatic approach which creates 1000’s nodes of data via novel human-focused network biology linked to our proprietary Pain Landscape®

EptivA Therapeutics Ltd has a published patent  for research and methods relating to Personalized Analgesics® research.

Serial No. WO2023058000A1

Priority date: 08/10/2021


VALIDATION: case study

Our platform technology has been validated with a wide range of mechanisms - from estbalished medicines to novel research targets as well as through a research collaboration with Bayer Pharmaceuticals

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Targets examined through our methodology include:


  • CGRP (clinically established target)

  • TRPV3 (pre-clinically established target)

  • GPR18 (orphan GPCR)

  • SV2a (pre-clinical false positive)

  • FAAH (pre-clinical false positive)


In this case study, applying our technology on CGRP established multiple disease associations

  • It identified the strongest disease association to migraine, for which CGRP medicines exist, with associations to various other novel pain conditions

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