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 We’re transforming the way pain is treated with Personalized Analgesics®


 Personalized Analgesics®
the first precision medicine approach to pain

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We have created a radically new R&D  platform to transform and de-risk pain drug development

Need for new analgesics

The Pain Epidemic

There is a pain epidemic and an immense need for safe new analgesics


Chronic pain has become a key area of interest following global recognition of the opioid crisis, highlighting the dire need for safe novel treatments


The pain market will reach $91 billion by 2027

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The Problem

The R&D Problem

Current treatments have limited efficacy with serious side effects and abuse potential

There is a severe lack of innovation in pain R&D

Pain has a very high (98%) attrition rate in clinical drug development


Many established players left research


We believe there are two key reasons for the lack of innovation in pain;

The approach to pain R&D has not changed in 20 years with a reliance on non-translatable preclinical models and no 'target-to-disease' link established for research projects


Clinical development has focused only on a limited number of pain diseases with regulatory pathway. Our Pain Landscape® indicates 100’s of neglected conditions are associated with chronic pain


Our approach

Our Unique Solution

We have developed the first precision medicine approach to pain to create more effective treatments and increase clinical success.

Our novel bioinformatic network biology approach to research connected to our proprietary pain landscape database of 100’s of diseases allows us to link research targets to disease and significantly de-risked R&D.

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Personalized Analgesics®

Our Personalized Analgesics® research platform brings together a network of databases linking drug targets, genetic and biological pathways to pain related diseases.

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We have developed aPain Diseasome®which  creates 1000’s nodes of data via novel human-focused network biology platforms

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We have created the Pain Landscape® identifying 100’s of pain related diseases including rare and orphan diseases

Find out more about our technology
Our Personalized Analgesics® research platform drives our patient-centered development strategy were we are creating new pain treatments with Precision Efficacy and Superior Safety


World class leadership team to develop analgesics with over 50 years experience

Harald F. Casebourne Stock PhD
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Mark J. Field PhD
Co-Founder & CEO


Contact us


Eptiva Therapeutics Ltd

132 Gidley Way, Horspath, Oxford OX33 1TD, UK

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